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Collecting the rain shed by your roof for watering your yard and garden helps save money on your water bill. Normally, the water comes down the gutter and drains to an area that needs moisture the least--an issue easily remedied with a rain barrel. Whether you make your own rain barrel or purchase a complete rain collection system, it is necessary to hook it up to your gutter downspout. Hooking it up properly lets the rain flow in while keeping the water free from pests like hook up rain barrel. Create an elevated base for the rain barrel beneath the downspout. Use a layer of bricks or concrete cinder blocks.

Capturing rain water with a rain barrel is a handy way to water your vegetable garden and house plants. Many people forget to include a way hook up rain barrel use a garden hose with their rain barrel systems. It is not difficult to install an outside water spigot to accommodate a garden hose in your rain barrel. Most hardware stores carry water spigots with threaded male ends to use for this purpose. Remove the lid from the rain barrel and bail out any water that may be in the barrel. Use the water on your plants or place the water in a container until the project is complete. Wrap the threads on the back end of the spigot with plumber's tape. Insert the spigot into the hole in the rain barrel from the outside of the barrel.

Hundreds of gallons of rain hits your roof in a mild 1-inch rainstorm and your gutters and downspouts divert it away where it collects in storm drains. Instead of letting all that water go to waste, you can install a rain barrel or multiple barrels to store some of the rain for use during periods of drought. Instead of a downspout that runs to the ground, you can cut the downspout to fit and connect it to the rain barrel.
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But how do I connect it to the downspout? All you need is a diverter to channel rainwater from the downspout to your barrel. What I like about hook up rain barrel diverters is that when the barrel is full, the downspout can still function normally, sending water away from the house. For the rain barrel I installed on a third-story deck shownI used the DiverterPro rainwater diverter made by Fiskars. It has an integral filter to prevent leaves and other debris from going into the barrel or down the spout, and a clear plastic door that makes it easy to inspect and clean the filter. Once I connected the fill tube to the diverter, the job was done. If you live in a climate with cold winters, take time in the fall to drain the barrel and disconnect the fill tube from the diverter. Shown: Tom Silva shows off a rain barrel he made out of a container from a bottling plant. Inset: A downspout-mounted diverter, like the one shown in the inset, feeds rain into a barrel via a hose.

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